Secolink үйлдвэрийн бүтээгдэхүүн
Outdoor siren
Optical signal sourse:2x high brightness LEDs
Optical alarm color : Blue or red
Sound pressure level : 115 dB (1meter distance)
Recommended backup power supply : 12V, 1.2 Ah
Operating temperature : From -40 to +70C
Wireless PIR and temperature sensor
BP1 is wireless PIR sensor compatible with EXT116s expander and P series control panels.
Communication range in building : Up to 100m
Communication range in open area : Up to 500m
Battery life : >3 years
BK1 is wireless magnetic door contact compatible with EXT116s expander and P series control panels. Detector’s main feature is excellent alarm transmission range in buildings with a lot concrete walls.
Communication range building : Up to 100m
Battery life:>3 years
GSM jamming detector
The purpose of D-JAM2 is to detect near to the alarm system illegally operated GSM jammers. D-JAM2 usually wired to the control panel zone which function is set as 24 hour RF jam detection. More technical information can be found in the table below.
SecoLink IP2
Alarm receiver Client accounts :up to 2500 Event log size : 20000 events SecoLink IP2 TCP/IP receivers, LAN800
SecoLink LC2
Telephone line card
Phone line card LC2 SECOLINK is a device designed to align phone line signals with the SECOLINK RCR computer board signals. More technical information can be found in the table below.
System GSM/GPRS communicators
GSM call, SMS, CID by GPRS
System Ethernet (LAN) communicator
Ethernet 10/100 Base T, Wiring distace 300m
Long range wireless module
Expansion module EXT016 is used for making SecoLink alarm systems compatible with SecoLink BK, BP, BT series wireless detectors. EXT116s has 1 built-in relay that act as PGM in the system.. The module is compatible with LT5 remote control unit. LT5 can be used to arm/disarm alarm system, operate PGM outputs.
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